Now THAT’S an Education


The way to get ahead today is with a great education and I’ve discovered just the course of study to make it the best:


Start with a Bachelor’s degree in Barbecue. Texas A&M College of Agriculture and Life Sciences offers a number of programs in food production, and while you are there, take advantage of the Texas Barbecue Program. Studies include a semester long class in barbecue (you can see the syllabus here) and barbecue camps and retreats, taught by experts like Aaron Franklin of Franklin Barbecue.

Honestly, I have followed this program for a while, and the Brisket Camp is one of my life goals.


Once you graduate, consider an MBA in Bourbon. Kentucky Midway University, set in the heart of Bourbon Country, offers an MBA in Tourism and Event Management which includes a semester in Scotland, visiting distilleries and learning all about their history. Classes include The History and Evolution of Bourbon, Kentucky Bourbon Tourism & Distilleries, and Bourbon Women: Craft to Consumption.


Check it out. All I can say is, the graduation parties must be a blast.


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My Humble Bourbon Beginnings

Jack Daniels

There was a time when the only whiskey I drank was Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7. I first started on Jack when in college, and continued through the years. I did add a couple of scotches to my cabinet (another blog post altogether) but for the most part, my glass was filled with Jack.

But recently I became aware of the growing tide of new bourbons. I began to consider trying something new, but I hesitated on deciding which one.

Then, on Twitter, and about a year ago I saw this:

Alton loves Woodford

Well, despite his choice of colleges, I find his temperament and pastimes to be in line with my own . . .


. . .  so I gave Woodford Reserve a try. (After all, I cannot afford Pappy Van Winkle, even if I could find some.)

And that has led me to here:



and here

Knob Creek

and here


and here


and here

Old Crow Reserve

and, most recently, to here.

Buffalo Trace


As you can see, I have tried to cover a wide spectrum of bourbons, and I have sampled enough now, and compared enough, to announce that I will be publishing reviews of these bourbons in the coming weeks.


A note on one thing I insist on, that you may notice from the photos:

Few things annoy me more than a food review or drink review from someone, based on only one sample of the thing being reviewed. So know this: I won’t publish my review until I have visited an establishment at least twice, or until I have finished a whole bottle of the beverage.

More to come . . .


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