The Barbecue Deck – Part 2

As you may remember, I built a deck back in the Fall of 2014, to support my barbecue efforts. It wasn’t anything extraordinairy, but I thought it was rather nice.

I built it from pressure treated wood, so according to all I read, I needed to give it at least a year for the wood to be ready to finish. Then, it would be a matter of cleaning and painting.

So in the Fall of 2015 I bought a pressure washer, and got ready to do the work. But about that time, I started having some sinus infections, and I didn’t feel like doing anything on the deck.

Come Spring of 2016, though, we found out that the sinus thing was symptom of a bigger problem, which we now call The Late Unpleasantness. You can read about that on my other blog, Plumb Mad Dog Mean.

In any case, I’m now in remission from the Acute Myeloid Leukemia, and doing much better, so I finally got around to finishing what I started.

First I pressure washed it

then painted. I think it turned out nice.

Now to enjoy it!

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